Home Security Cameras top Gift Wish List

Electronics have always been a top wish list item for the gift – giving season but we’re kind of surprised to see Home Security Camera Systems top Orlando, Florida’s top wish list! Central Floridians everywhere are investing in professional grade products to secure their homes. Surveillance camera systems are getting better and better in quality – now these systems are smart phone app compatible and remotely viewable from any web enabled platform. These are the perfect gift for your techy spouse or for yourself! We all know that Wal-Mart is a leading trend setter in what’s hot during the black Friday 2015 shopping period and SURPRISE! A low quality DIY home security camera system makes their top list for black Friday steals and deals.

Don’t get yourself wrapped up in the idea that you can have real home security cameras in Orlando for the $300 box price of those systems. We’re not going to mention the brand name here, but if you see Wal-Mart’s black Friday ad, you can google it yourself and see real customer reviews. These camera systems are notorious for rapidly losing their picture quality, camera housings deteriorating quickly and the never ending frustration of a DIY install. We did a blog about DIY home security camera installation before, so we’re not going to revisit those headaches again. What we are talking about is that there is real value in getting a home security camera system for the holidays. After all, isn’t this the time of year when we’ll be leaving our homes – traveling far and wide for the best family time possible? Thieves are planning on capitalizing on your get away time and are already making plans to steal your gifts from under the Christmas tree.

Make the investment to install a home security camera system today for less cash out of pocket at install than the $300 you’ll shell out on Black Friday. Get professional security camera installation, high quality, professional grade products and full warranty. You can travel with peace of mind. Global Alarms now has payment options for home security camera systems in Orlando for as low as $45 per month. It’s worth the investment and – as mentioned, it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving!