Z-Wave Technology bridges with Honeywell Security

Honeywell is making technological strides once again by adding Z-Wave capabilities to Honeywell security panels. You may have heard about Z-wave home automation controls through our website or our staff members – we even highlighted some Z-wave products at the Orlando Home and Garden Show back in April.

Z-wave is best described as a computer chip inside a vast number of products made by different manufacturers that allows devices to communicate with each other inside the home, as well as be controlled by the end user from a smart phone application or internet connection. Our most popular Z-wave products to date are lighting controls manufactured by GE, locking deadbolt systems created by Schlage and thermostats made by Honeywell. The newest and greatest addition is now in the works, and we’re expecting an official release sometime in July of 2011. Honeywell security panels will soon have the ability to communicate with other Z-wave products and complete the total home automation package. We’ve been told these new Z-wave compatible Honeywell control panels will bring your Z-wave control into the Total Connect 2.0 platform. HOW COOL!

Global Alarms is leading the Orlando market in Z-wave knowledge, products and support. Our team at Global Alarms can help you  build a complete Z-Wave automation system for your home or your business.  If you currently have Z-wave products installed in your home or would like more information on the upcoming Honeywell release please call our office at 407-447-7397!